Sourcing your car


Share your Requirements

The team will discuss your requirements with you and agree upon your vehicle specs and budget. We will spend time with you to ensure you understand the process you are about to embark upon, and you are comfortable with the procedure we undertake on your behalf. For a deeper view on our T&C's you check them out here

Choose Your Car

If you are happy to proceed, we then require a deposit of £660 Inc VAT to be paid so we can start searching for a vehicle on your behalf. 
We will provide access to our client area of the website where you can search the latest auction listings. We can discuss the specific models you have in mind and confirm what we expect you to be paying for a vehicle of your desired year, mileage and condition. 


Place your bid

Once you have found a vehicle you are interested in, you can place a bid through our online auction system. Bids must be placed by 10pm GMT before the auction takes place the next day in Japan. We require this time to ensure we can be confident that the vehicle you are bidding on is as described on the auction sheet before we continue. 

Cargo ship

Shipping Your Car

Congratulations! You have won your car at auction and we are now beginning the stages of preparing your vehicle for shipping to the UK. 
The vehicle is transported by our team from the auction house to the nearest local shipping port where it is held securely and stored away from the elements. At this point all FOB (freight on board) fees incurred in Japan are due for payment before we can release your vehicle for shipping. Once payment is made international transport is arranged via roll on roll off (RoRo) shipping. Your car will be covered by marine insurance to cover the cost of your vehicle while in transit. Once the vehicle is onboard and cleared for departure, we will provide you with an ETA and a link to track your car as it makes its way to the UK.

Fees include…

  • Japanese Agency Fee
  • Any car inspections undertaken
  • Any inland transportation fees
  • Japanese Custom Charges
  • Shipping fee
  • Marine insurance
Customs clearance

Customs clearance

Two weeks before your cargo is due to arrive we will contact you to collect the UK customs fees and ensure your personal details are correct for registering the vehicle.

Customs can be one of the most complicated steps if you have no prior experience as there are many rules and regulations surrounding the import of vehicles into the UK depending on the age of the car, where it was manufactured, the type of vehicle and lots more. We work with only the most dependable and knowledgeable customs agents. Their experience and systems will ensure we are able to clear vehicles as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

We will ensure that your new car is cleared as soon as possible and on it's way to us so we can start preparing for the next step.

At this point, the fees and taxes payable include...
  • Classic 5% import tax (If applicable)
  • 10% Duty
  • 20% VAT
  • Port Fees
  • HMRC NOVA entry
Once your car is cleared we offer three packages to get your new car to you. Please note, we do not install odometer chips by default as it is not a legal requirement for cars that do not require an IVA and we like to keep the cars as original as possible. However, if you want your readouts to be in MPH please let us know and we will arrange to have the conversion done. 

Bronze Package - £250

For those looking to bring their car in and prepare it themselves the bronze package is the perfect option. We will simply handle the Notice of Vehicle Arrival and have the car delivered from port straight to you via flatbed. Please note, this price is based on an average distance from port. If you live further we will advise you of the final cost.
  • NOVA
  • Delivery to home address
Oil Change

Silver Package - £750

This package would be our recommendation. If you are looking to turn up, inspect your new car and then drive away then this is the package for you. All conversions to make the car road legal are performed, we will give it an oil change and a brief inspection and finally handle all registration documentation. 
  • Fog Lights
  • Oil Change
  • MOT
  • Registration
  • New Plates
  • 6 Months Car Tax
  • Wash and Detail

Gold Package - £1500

You've just bought that impeccable Grade 4.5 road queen so you want it looking its best from the get-go. This package includes everything from the previous packages (including a full service) but includes our team giving your new car the full spa treatment! With a full paint correction to remove any minor defects and an underseal to protect that rust free undercarriage from our lovely UK weather. This is the one if you are looking to drop jaws on the drive home. 
  • Everything from the Silver Package
  • Full Service
  • Full Detail - Interior and Exterior
  • Paint Correction
  • Underseal

Handover and example

The time is here, your new car is ready and it's time to pick it up and drive away. You'll turn up and inspect your new car in our workshop while we walk you round your new purchase. At this point, you'll pay the final OTR fee and our agency fee. The keys are handed over, your documentation is provided to you and the process is done.

To give you an understanding of the total cost you can expect...
  •  £7,062 Winning Bid Hammer Price
  •  £850 Shipping and Insurance
  •  £812 Inland Japan Fees
  •  £175 UK Port Fees
  •  £872 UK Duty
  •  £1,919 UK VAT
  •  £750 Silver Package OTR Fee
  •  £850 Taabo Imports Fee (Calculated on a sliding scale depending on vehicle price)
 £ 13,290 Total Cost
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